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Have you ever had a problem that you could not find an answer to or did  not know you had?  For me it happened when my wife fell and hurt her leg.  She tried to stand but could not, I tried to pick her up but the pain was too great, I called my brother-in-law, and finally had to call the emt’s.  My son’s girl friend was trying to knit the other day but was unable to find the mistake she had mad until someone gave her the needed help.  There have been many times that a problem had arisen but the solution was not found until someone was able to point out what was wrong.

In 1 Samuel 20 we have the story of David wanting to leave the palace and having to explain to Jonathan why he had to leave.  Jonathan was close to both King Saul and David and could not see that the King wanted to kill David until David told him.  Jonathan thought that David was helping his father feel better by playing the harp for him and was also helping in fighting the wars that the kingdom was involved with.  David and Jonathan devised a plan that if David would miss 2 meals with the king then they would know for sure if the king meant to harm David.  After the 2 meals the King was angry that David was not there and made it clear he was going to kill David. From this time on David left the palace and his good friend Jonathan.

As we look at the rest of the 1 Samuel we can see that God was preparing David to become the next King of Israel.  David would become a leader of an army, and develop into a great leader  after God’s own heart.

There are times in our lives that we can not see the problems that we face nor can we see the solution, we need some help in finding those answers.  As with Jonathan and David, God already knew the problem with King Saul and was using that to lead David to become a great leader.  We to may have a situation that only God knows about and He needs to reveal it to us.  In my wife’s case she had other medical problems that we did not know about until she broke her hip, as we look back on that time we see how God was helping to reveal those medical problems.  We need to know that God is watching over us and wanting the best for our lives.  We need to live as close to God as we can so that we can hear the answers to our problems, weather they are to guide us from a harmful event in the future, or to improving our lives.  God may be using someone or thing to help you through your problem or it could be an impression  like the one I have had.  Driving from southern Texas to Kansas I felt the need to stop and have breakfast.  When I was on the road again the police were directing traffic off the interstate due to a traffic accident that happened about the time I stopped of breakfast that I might have been in.  The closer you live to God the more often you can see how God is directing your path.

God Bless You