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A little boy was punished by having to set in a corner. He shouted that he was sitting on the outside but standing on the inside. You might say that his outside was not imitating what was going on in the inside. Can our imitation of Christ be the same way?

Mat 7: 21 – 25 tells us that “in that day” many will say to Jesus; did we not cast out demons, prophesy and do many good works? Jesus will tell them to depart from Hie because He did not know them. They may have been living for Jesus trying to imitate what Jesus did here on earth out of a misunderstanding of what a disciple of Jesus was. They were doing all the right things but with the wrong motives, Jesus tells them that they must do the will of God. Do we know what God’s will is?

Saul was anointed by God to be King over Israel. He was doing the will of God until the battle with the Amaleks which he was to destroy everything in the city but instead he spared the best to be used as a sacrifice to God. Again in 1 Samuel 28 Saul disobeyed God by seeking out a medium and God reaffirmed His rejection of Saul. Saul was using his own understanding to define what God’s will was. Can we as followers of Christ be out of the will of God as Saul was?

As a young christian, pastors would ofter tell me what I should do to be a true follower of God. The service that I was most often told to do was be a soul winner, if I did not lead someone to Christ then I was not following God. This would cause me a lot of anguish because I could never lead someone to Christ. As the years past by it was expected that as a “mature “ christian I should teach Sunday school, this also ended badly. I was trying to imitate Christ without knowing what God’ will for me was. When the desire to find out what God’s will was for me, the ministries that I took on finally started to succeed. God has put within me the desire to do what He has called me to do, just as He has put into your heart the desire to do His will. There is a partial list of ministries found in Romans 12 that God may have given to us. It is God’s will that we put to use one or more of these gifts as he has given to us personal y. By this we are imitating Jesus for He to followed the will of the Father.

As you imitate Jesus may your gift grow stronger each day.