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Love means many things to many people and yet has much the same qualities. When we love don’t we want to be around our loved one? Don’t we want to take care of them,

do things for them, love only them, take them with us or think about them often? All to often our love for someone is strong at first but fades away as time goes by. Is there a love that will last a life time? Some say that the strongest love is that of a mother toward her child and yet I believe there is yet a stronger love than this.

There is a love that can only comes from God. This love, loves before the person knows God, loves no matter what someone does, is given to all, and yet is free to all who want to have it. It is the same love that Jesus had for the Father and has been give to those who follow him.

In 1 John 4: 17 we find that God is love and all who live in love lives in God and God in them, and our love grows to perfection. How do we get this love? Romans 5: 5 tells us that God gives is His love to us and places it into our hearts.

If God has placed His love into our hearts why does it need to grow to perfection? When we look at Gal 5: 22 and look at our lives we might see why it needs to be perfected. The fruit of the spirit is love, is this love perfect in us?

Love has Joy. This is a joy is that Jesus has over come sin, and that God has forgiven our sins. Since the spirit of Christ lives in us we to have overcome sin and live in the presence of God even when the world around us and our lives are in conflict.

Love has Peace. This is not the peace that is the absence of conflict, fear or that of the hippie movement but rather the peace that God gives. It is the peace that belongs to God and he has given His peace to us. We have peace that God is in total control and as we walk in His love we will have peace in our spirit over the turmoil around us. My son was a new driver when he had to stop at the bottom of an icy hill. He said that he was nervous but at the same time he felt calm to do what needed to be done to stop the car.

Joy and peace are parts of love that God has give to those who follow Him, now we turn to the aspects of love that He has give to us that we share with others. In order not to make this to long the rest will be in the next blog.

May you continue perfecting your imitation of Christ.