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In my last blog I started to look at the fruit of the spirit an got as far as love is peace before running out of the desired length for me. Now I would like to start with patience.

Love is patient. God was patient with us until we accepted Him and He is patent in waiting to send His Son to gather us all home. We too are to wait patiently for the time we will see Him face to face and to be productive while we wait. We are also to have patience with those who are not as far along on their spiritual walk as we are. We are to help others come closer to God.

Love is Kind. Kindness is love in action without the requirement that it should be returned. Jesus showed kindness on the 10 lepers that were healed but did not require them to show kindness back to him. It is easy to show kindness to our friends but what about those we do not like or are apposed to us?God’s love compels us to be kind to everyone alike weather friend or foe.

Love is goodness. This is much the same as kindness but goes a little further. It is a quality of being good, the very character recognized in quality or our conduct.

Love is faithful. This is a commitment that we have made to see something through to the end or completion. First to God, we are to be faithful to God until we see him face to face. Second to be faithful to a commitment, such as our spouse, employer, or a task.

Love is gentle. This is sometimes translated as meekness which is often looked at a an undesirable trait. When given by God it is a strong trait in that it keeps our passions under control. Eph 4: 2 says; “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” We will pardon injuries, correct our faults and help others correct thier fault and keek our spirit unddder control.

Finally love is self controlled. It is the ability to keep our thoughts and actions under control. If we have a bad habit it will be frustrating for us to change it on our own.

God’s love compels us to remove bad habits and replace them with good habits. For some this may take awhile to do but it is God’s love that helps us to change.

If we are honest with ourselves we will see that our love has not been perfected yet.

The good news is that the love of God gives us the desire to perfect of love in Him.

Also God’s love will fist point out what needs to be worked on and then He will help us as we endeavor to perfect His love in us. The more we imitate Jesus the more perfect His love becomes in us. May you love grow more and more this week by imitating Jesus.