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Mathew 6: 10 Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

These are the words that Jesus taught the disciples to pray, the question is how did Jesus live out these words and can we do the same today?

In heaven God’s will is always carried out and that it is a place that has no evil in it. Jesus was in the beginning with God and created all things, making heaven the most beautiful and the holiest place created. People are able to come and go from the holy city with freedom, the sun (Son) always shines, there is no sickness nor pain, streets are paved with gold, and no one has any needs. This makes heaven the place to be. Jesus wanted the disciples to know that for them to reach heaven God’s will has to be done on earth just as it in done in heaven and he lived a life that showed how to do just that.

Jesus was born, not created, fully man and fully God and had to grow just as everyone else. He had to learn to talk, walk, trust, be obedient, and learn God’s will. As Jesus learned his lessons he also had to put them into practice, to be obedient even to death on the cross. As he prayed in the garden “not my will but thine” he expected the disciples to one day be able to do just that.

Jesus at the age of twelve knew the scriptures well enough to impress the Jewish priests. He knew the letter of the law as well as the spirit behind the law. The spirit of the law is to draw people to God not to punish the wrong doer and at the same time hold people accountable for their actions. When Mary found him in the temple he said that he was about his fathers business and left with her becoming obedient to both God and his earthly parents. When someone asked if the could follow him he reminded them that he had nothing to offer from this world – no home, food, money- but trusted God to provide all of his needs. Jesus was a man with a mission to do the will of the father and he stayed the course. He said that he came to suffer and die on the cross for us and he never wavered from that mission.

The will of God for Jesus will never be given to another person, but God does have a will for each person. It is when we imitate Jesus that we learn what that will is and how to fulfill it.

First we need to learn the word of God and what it means. There are many great books on the market today and in reading some of them it appears that they interpret the scripture from their point of view rather from what God says in scripture. The problem with scripture is you can prove anything you want with it. To rightly understand the scripture we need to study it and ask the Holy Spirit to teach it’s meaning. As an example the word love, do we love like we love an object or animal, or a friend, or a family member, or as God loves; as people we can sometimes apply the wrong meaning.

Secondly we need to learn obedience to God’s will. Only those who do the will of the father will inter heaven. Let us not only be hearers of the word but also doers of the word of God. We have all learned how to be obedient growing up by obeying our parents and those in authority over us. When we disobey we are punished in order that we don’t do it again. In this same way we become obedient to God.

Third we are to trust God. His ways are higher than ours, he knows the big picture, and he has our best interest in mind for us. There will be times that what God asks us to do is something that we are not comfortable doing nor do we know what the outcome will be. Trust in God to go before us and to prepare the way for us to go. He will prepare us to do his will.

Fourth we need to be steadfast in doing the will of God. Satan is like a roaring lion ready to devour even the most godly person, even coming as a spiritual leader. The temptations are great and come in many forms but God gives us a way to escape them. The crown of righteousness is given to those who have over come the temptations and can lay them down at the feet of Jesus when we enter heaven.

Last let us ask that the will of God be done on earth as it is in heaven. It will be when we imitate Christ and allow him to live in and though us. Others will be drawn to God not by us but the Holy Spirit that dwells in and through us.