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We celebrate the birth of Christ on Dec. 25 each year so I would like to look at his birth today. There are many aspects that I would like to look at but for the sake of space will defer those to a later time, but if you see areas that you would like to conciser please let me know.

In Gen. it says that God hovered over the earth and spoke everything into existence. Luke 1 tells us that nine months before Jesus was born the Spirit of God came over Mary and she was with child. This child would be called the son of God, and would take away the sins of the world. With his birth we now have the voice of God from Gen 1 becoming flesh, John 1: 14.

Jesus was the word of God that brought all things into existence, he had all the power, glory, and beauty in heaven yet he chose to come to earth and save us from our sins. With the majesty that he had in heaven you would think that he would have been born into a life and family of great power but he wasn’t. Jesus was born into a family that had no home, no prestige, no authority, but was dependent on the kindness of others. He was born in a stable and his bed was made to feed animals. If it had not been for the angels celebrating his birth no one would have know he was born. The shepherds guarding the temple sheep were the first to hear of the birth and then wise men in the east saw his star.

As a child he was no different that any other child. He needed to be fed, and his diaper needed to be changed often. He needed to learn how to walk and talk. He needed to know the difference between right and wrong as well as obedience. As a Jewish child religious training was a must, which he must have excelled at. For the first thirty years of his life he lived a normal life. It was the custom of the religious leaders that one did not become a priest until they were thirty years of age. This child of such a lowly birth started to preach that the kingdom of God was at hand, because God was with us. Jesus was both God and man here on earth. What about today?

Act 2 tells us that the spirit of God came in the form of tongues of fire and landed on those in the upper room. Those in the upper room are now filled with the Holy Spirit. When we accept Jesus as our own Lord and Savior we also receive the Holy Spirit.

Just as a child must grow to maturity so must our faith grow to maturity. We must learn the scriptures and their meaning. We must also be able to put them into practice. As our faith grows we will be able to say as John the Baptist said; he must increase and I must decrease. The apostle said in Galatians 2: 20 It is no longer I how live but Christ lives in me, because I was crucified with him.

As you continue to imitate Christ may you see His spirit grow within you.