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A man came up to Jesus and called him “good”. Jesus replied by asking why he called him “good” don’t you know that no one is “good” except God? Mark 10: 17 – 18. As we also look at Gal. 5: 22, the fruit of the spirit is love shown in goodness, what is the point Jesus is making? First let us look at what do we mean by “good”, then how does this apply to Jesus and finally as we imitate Jesus how do we become good.
A definition that was found is that “good” is “that which is morally right, righteousness “a mysterious balance between good and evil.” Who determines what is morally right? If we leave this up to the society to determine morality then one society will conflict with another. There must be a better way. Jesus made the statement that only God is “good”. God set forth a standard for us to live by in the book of Exodus. In this book you will find the balance between good and evil. You will find how to live relating toward God and man. Also you will find what should happen if a violation occur. There are parts of this moral code that we as a society disagree with and therefore we try to tell God we know better and change his moral code for our own. Changing God’s moral code is what causes morality to become questionable. (As a christian, we are under Grace but the law of God is still very much in effect. I have just chosen not to use the term “law” today.) Jesus was able to use the moral code of God to show mercy to everyone.
In Mark 10 it would seem that Jesus was downplaying His divinity but a closer look will show that he was pointing out that there is a great difference between our goodness and God’s goodness. The response that Jesus first gave the man was how have you been relating to your fellow man? This man responded that he had always treated his fellow man as God wanted. Jesus then asks how is your relation to God. The man realizes that he has not loved God more than earthly things. The life of Jesus was always putting God first. Being filled with the spirit of God Jesus was able to be called “good”. Jesus went around doing good. He treated everyone as if they mattered. The widow that lost her son, Jewish leaders who came to him, the sick, those controlled by demons, the Romans. He also was not afraid to point out the faults of those that were in the wrong.
As we imitate Jesus we to are to live by God’s moral conduct. We are to accept the moral conduct that God has set down for us to follow without changing it to suit our purpose. I would like to insert many of the social issues that we face today but let me say it this way: when people say that every one is doing it so we aught to make it legal then we are violating God’s moral conduct. As Jesus, we are to be doing the will of the father, what has God called you to do? A friend of mine years ago just filled his two cars up with children and brought them to church. Some are called to pray for the needs of others, or to be worship leaders. What ever you enjoy doing may be what God has called you to do and it will always be to uplift others. As we imitate Christ by keeping God’s moral code others will come to call us “good” as well.
God Bless you