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Galatians 5: 22 tells us that faithfulness is part of the fruit of the spirit. As we imitate Christ we need to look at the faithfulness of Jesus. Who was Jesus faithful to and can we imitate that faithfulness?
We start to see the faithfulness when Jesus came as a little baby when the time was right (Gal. 4). At the age of 12 we see that he was still faithful to the father. Mary found him in the temple talking to the priests who marveled at his answers. Jesus told Mary that he was about his father’s business (Luke 2). Next we see him led into the wilderness by the spirit. After he had fasted for 40 days he was hungry and at this weakened state the devil tempted him with no success (Mat. 4). As the ministry of Jesus continued we see his faithfulness continue even to the cross. In the garden we have the test of faithfulness and Jesus said “not my will but thine be done.” (Luke 22) It is fitting to note that Jesus stayed faithful when everything around him was against him. The church leaders tried to stop him, the followers stopped following, the disciples did not understand him and yet he was faithful to the father and his call.
Jesus was just as faithful to his disciples as he was to the father. Jesus never gave up on them. When they did not understand what he was talking about or misunderstood him, Jesus would take them aside and explain thing to them more clearly. The last few months Jesus could be heard telling the disciples that he would not leave them even to the last days. He told them that he would come to them again, he would send the comforter (Holy Spirit), teach them all things, would tell them what to say when questioned. Most importantly he would fill us with his spirit. (John 14)
Because Jesus was faithful and has given us his spirit we now can be faithful to God to the very end of our lives. Our lives will have hard times but the scriptures tell us to look forward to them. They are there to teach us the faithfulness of God and to mature our faith (James 1). We have a great many people that have been able to faithful to the very end. The bible is full of examples, i.e. Steven, Moses, Arron. Our history: Billy Sunday, Billy Gram Just to mention a few. And then there are those we know personally: my in-laws. My father-in-law said many time he just wanted to be a blessing to someone each day, and he was.
What about you, are you faithful to God in all things? If you are like me, and I’m sure most of us are, as we follow the imitation of Christ blogs you will have found some area that you can be more faithful in. Maybe it is in praising God more, or reading the word, or a relationship, in personal matters, or following his call. Not only was Jesus faithful to God but he was also faithful to his followers. Do we have a follower that you need to be more faithful to? A person that you need to spend time with and share what God has done for us?
As we imitate Christ, let us ask him how we can be more faithful.