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For the past few weeks we have been looking at how Jesus lived the fruit of the spirit and how we can imitate him by doing the same. For the next few weeks we will be looking at what love is, how Jesus showed us love and how we can love as Jesus loves. As we saw the spiritual side of love was manifested in the physical world, we will now see how the physical side of this love is based on the spiritual act of love.

1 Corinthians 13: 4 says that love is patient. You might ask the question how patient is God? He must have a lot of it. It took him six days to make the world we live in today. Note the difference that he made it in – the evening and then the morning – this is not the same day that we have now. We do not have an accurate time frame as to how much time it took to make the earth nor the time in the garden of Eden. We have hundreds of years from the fall of man to the flood, mush more time till the law was given to the Isrealites. The law was give as a school master to teach us how God expected to live. (Galatians 3: 24). Galatians 4: 4 continues that in the fullness of time God sent his son, born of a woman under the law. Jesus grew for thirty years before he started his ministry.
Jesus spent three years here on earth trying to teach his disciples who God was and yet they did not understand. In John 14 Jesus asks Phillip have I been with you this long and you still do not yet understand that if you see me you see the father. On many occasions the disciples would say something that indicated they did not yet fully understand the mission that Jesus was on.

It was not until the day of Pentecost that the disciples understood what Jesus was telling them. This was the day they were filled with the spirit of Christ. As we read the rest of the new testament we see that they too were patient in waiting for people to come to God, for instruction form God, and the return of Christ.
As we imitate Christ we will need to develop patience as well. We need to be patient with those who do not come to Christ, with those who are against us for Christ sake, for who do not yet understand Christ, and for the coming of Christ again. We have a lot to be patient for, and we need the spirit of Christ living in us to strengthen us.

There are many people that can not give up their old way of life. They may be afraid that the future with Christ will be too uncertain or that they are unworthy of God’s love. It may take years for them to see God wants the best for their lives.

Satan is like a roaring lion seeking those he may destroy. Just as there were those against Christ we will also have those against us.

We may also have those who are looking to us for help in their spiritual walk. For what ever reason they may not yet be able to fully understand what it means to follow Christ. It will take time to teach them what they need to know.

And we need to be patient for the return of Christ. If waiting a little longer for someone else to come to Christ won’t that be worth it? The time for Christ’s return has not yet come and in the time we have left we can share Christ with more people.

May God bless you as you imitate Him.