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This week we find Jesus teaching in the temple daily. ( Luke 21: 37) At this time the people were still holding on to the words that he spoke and came to hear him daily. It would have been nice to know more about what he taught in the temple but this is what I think people would have heard.

They would have heard that God is love, God wants to teach them how to live a life devoted to him, and the kingdom of heaven was with them now. It was not that the message was new but it was a message that was presented from God rather than man. Man would teach the rules of how to live a Godly life. God would teach them how to live by his spirit.

After teaching in the temple all day Jesus would retire to the mount of Olives.

We do not know if anyone went with him but I think he may have gone to be alone. This would have been a week when Jesus would not have gotten much sleep. Many things would have been going through his mind. He would have thought about what the people needed to hear the nest day. He would have thought about the events to come. He would have thought about the disciples being without him. But the most important time on the mount would have been spent with the father.

What about us? Do we spend the needed time with God? In our busy world we find many things that will prevent us form praying. We have long hours at work, we have things to do around the house, we need to spend time with the family, we have friends that need us. Which of these are not important? We may need to adjust our schedule so we can spend more time with God. Them we might just see more things happen for God.