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Taking a break from the normal blogs, may you enjoy these thoughts of Jesus and his final week with the disciples.

It was the beginning of the last week Jesus was with us on earth and he knew there was much yet to do. Jesus knew that his earthly ministry was about to end and he would be giving his followers the task of finishing what he had started. The disciple were not ready to take over this great task and had no idea of nor the reason for the events of this week. Can we understand this last week today?

In Luke 19: 41 – 44 we find Jesus approaching Jerusalem when he stops and wept over the city. He weeps for the coming destruction of the city. He weeps because they did not recognize that God had been in their mist. He weeps because if they had know God was with them they could have had peace.

Do we weep for those who have rejected God in our cities? May we have the heart of Christ for the lost.