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In Mathew 22: 24 – 26 Jesus asks who was the messiah in relation to King David? When they answered his son, Jesus asked them why did David call him His Lord? Have you ever wondered about this or is this one of those events that you take for granted?

As I think about this today, could there be two different discussions going on here? The Messiah was to come from the line of David therefore he is the son of David. Mary was a descendent of King David, she bore Jesus, this would make him fully man. By the same token Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit making him fully God dwelling in a man. As we now look at the question Jesus posed we can see that because Jesus came from the family of David and from God he is both the son of David and David’s Lord.

Bring this past Pentecost, the disciple would say that it was no longer they who lived but Christ lived in them. Can you say this also?

God Bless you as you live for Christ.