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Wednesday of the passion week would have been the day Judas talked to the ruling priests. There are two reasons for this. Jesus in one of his prayers prayed that he had lost non of the disciples except one, that the scriptures would be fulfilled. The other was that Satan had entered into Judas. Judas may have been part of those Jews trying to overthrow the Roman government. If Judas was part of them. we might ask the question as to how does our background effect the way we respond to God? Judas was looking for a military king to overthrow the government and yet did not see any sign that Jesus wanted to destroy the Roman power. He saw Jesus as the Messiah, walked with him for three years, cast out demons in Jesus name, saw signs and wonders, but no military action. This became the perfect time to force Jesus to become a military leader.

What type of background do you have? How does it shape your understanding of God? What would happen if we could look into the person of Jesus with an open mind? There is not room to say much here. He was the one spoken of in the Old Testament. He was one who believed in the Old Testament law. He fulfilled the law and wrote it on our hearts. His spirit draws people to God not drive them away.

Can you release your past to see the true Christ?

God bless you as you walk with God.