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In Luke 22: verses 19 and 20 we have Jesus giving the bread and wine to the disciples. Today may we find out a little of what this means.

The Jewish custom at this time was to first rid the house of all yeast signifying the hast when they left Egypt. The meal they had that night would have had bread made without yeast and a lamb that was without a blemish, other items would have also been eaten.

This part of the meal is full of symbolism for us to see. The removal of the yeast was a symbol that there was no sin in the house. If bread was cut it would signify that they were cut from the people of God, therefor Jesus broke the bread. The Lamb was one without any blemish, again one without sin. The fruit of the vine was now a symbol that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin, also this is that the death angle passed over the children of God giving them life.

Jesus goes on to say that they were to remember this meal by eating this bread and drinking the fruit of he vine in remembrance of what he did for them.

As we partake of these emblems we remember that Jesus was our sin offering and that it was his blood that was shed for our sins. We are taking the body of our Lord into us that he might live in us. The cup reminds us that his blood gives us new life in God.

God Bless you as you live for Christ.