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John 18: 15 tells us that Simon Peter and another disciple followed Jesus into the high priest’s courtyard. This is the place that he denies knowing Jesus three times but an interest thought is that of the name “Simon Peter”.

When Simon was called to be a disciple they used his given name, but as he was guided by the spirit his name was changed to “Peter”. Here we have his name as “Simon Peter”, Why?

As with all of us, before we come to accept Christ as our Lord and Savior we are in our carnal nature thus the name “Simon”. When Simon was filled with the Spirit, Jesus changed his name to Peter. The Holy Spirit has not been given yet so peter could not be fully filled with the spirit. Following Christ he was nether carnal nor filled with the spirit. Jesus often used the name Simon Peter to reveal this fact. After he was filled with the spirit he was referred to as Peter – the rock.

Our spiritual walk will be much the same way. There is that time in our lives we have no desire to follow Christ. As our spiritual nature is awaken, we have a desire to follow Christ but still have a desire to do the things we did before. As we completely dedicate our lives to God, he fills us with his spirit. Thus the old nature no longer has control over us but our desire is to please God.

Have you been filled with the Spirit of God? It is my prayer that you allow God to fill your heart with his spirit.

God bless you as you walk with God.