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 It is Saturday of the passion week and there is something that almost no one knows anything about. If you were to go around the country you could see many open grave, maybe some you did not know existed. In those graves you would have seen the dead saints alive just laying there.

Matthew is the only New testament writer to mention this (27: 52).

Matthew wrote to the Jews and some of them did not believe in the resurrection. Being the Sabbath and under the law, they may have been using this time to rest. They would also be worshiping God at this time. One last point is that they would be looking for Jesus to be resurrected before they entered into the city. If they would have entered the city before the resurrection people would not have attributed this resurrection with the death of Christ.

Jesus has now broken the power of death. Those of us who die in the Lord will have eternal life, or keeping with the spiritual meaning, be ever present with the Lord. Did you notice that those who were not holy were not raised at this time? God will raise them and pronounce their judgment. These will be eternally separated for God and sent to Hell. Hell was prepared for Satan and his angels and yet those who chose not to accept Christ are also sent there.

We need to be sharing our testimony of what God has done for us, that we can bring others to a saving faith in Christ.

God bless you as you share Christ with others.