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1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 13

5 it (love) … keeps no record of wrongs.


Going through the advertisements the other day I came across one that for a small fee you could find out almost anything about a person. It is sad to say that most of what we do is recorded someplace even if we don’t like it. Even among Christians there are things that we know about someone that we will never forget nor forgive. As Imitators of Christ are we showing his love for others when we remember the wrongs others have done?

There are many scriptures that tell us that when our sins are forgiven God will not remember them any more. Hebrews 8 says that he will not remember them, Isaiah 43 tells us that he will blot them out, in Psalm 103 they are separated from us as far as the east is form the west, and Micah 7 tells us that they are tossed into the deepest part of the sea not to be remembered again.

When Jesus called the twelve disciples he knew they were sinners, but he never recalled their sins. There were times that the disciple did sin but Jesus would remind them that they were wrong and needed to change. When sinners were brought to him, he would forgive their sins and tell them not to sin again.

Can we have this same type of love for other followers of Christ? One of the first things we need to realize is that we are all at a different stage in our walk with God. In your early walk with God you were probably corrected and as you matured you may have had the opportunity to correct fellow believers. As we grow in our faith some of our correction will come from other believers or from God’s spirit.

Second thing to consider is how do you want to be treated after you have been corrected? We will want to know that we are forgiven completely and never reminded of our fault. Next we would like to know that we have been accepted in fellowship just as we had never had a problem.

Finally consider this, Satan reminds us that we have failed and therefore can not be a true follower of Christ. Christ on the other hand forgives and forgets our past failures. Christ will encourage us to grow in his spirit until we have reached maturity.

Jesus has instructed us to treat others as we would like to be treated. In Mathew 7: 12 and Luke 6:31 gives us the same instruction when we are dealing with other believers or our enemies.

We will come across some who will have trouble in their walk with Christ and will often fail. As we love them by not reminding them of their fault we will be able to encourage them to grow in their faith.

God Bless you as you imitate Christ.