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As we celebrate fathers day we might ask the question as to what makes a good father. To answer this we will need to look at God as the father of Jesus and, as creator, father of us all. There are many times that Jesus refers to God as his father and as we accept Jesus we are adopted into his family and become sons and daughters with Jesus.

What was the relationship that Jesus had with the father? God provided what Jesus needed. Jesus said that we do not live by bread alone but by the word of God. In Psalms it tells us that God would give his angles charge over Jesus so that no harm would come to him, Satan used those words while tempting Jesus in the wilderness. God trained Jesus in the things that he needed to live by. Jesus said it this way – a son can do nothing but what he sees his father do.

With the example that God gave to Jesus as a father, he shows the same fatherly example toward the disciples. Jesus provided the needs that they were required, food, shelter, money, training. He loved them and gave his life for them. In his prayer to God he said that he lost none of them except the one the scripture told about.

In first Corinthians Paul tells us that a father should be a husband to one wife. He must love, honor, nourish, and cherish her. The church has become the bride of Christ and Christ become the father of all believers.

As with Jesus we are to worship God. God will provide the training for what we are to do in life and when we are older we will not depart from the path God has called us to. God will protect our spirits. With every temptation he will provide a way to avoid it and no one can remove us from the hand of God. As children of God, he will discipline us when we disobey him but it is for our good. His discipline is designed to draw us back to him not to drive us away, while Satan will use our disobedience to drive us further from God. As with the disciple, God will tell us what we have done wrong and how to avoid it the next time we face that situation.

As fathers we are the example of who Christ is here on earth and we are to teach our children to be Godly. It is our responsibility to teach our children how to love God, this is the first responsibility. Second we are to teach them how to love their wives. Third we are to teach them how to discipline, provide for the family, and teach them what they are to do to live Godly lives. We do this best by our example.

If you are having trouble in these areas ask God and he will teach you how to be a better father.

May God bless you as you imitate Christ.