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1 Corinthians 13: 7a Love always protects

What do you think this verse means? The meaning that I had applied to it made it a very difficult post. The meaning I applied was that of a military term which meant that I was to keep them from any type of physical harm. The correct meaning is that we protect others by covering them as a tent, by keeping silent, keeping secret and by hiding the errors and fault of others.

Jesus always protected his disciples. Mathew was a liar and a thief, yet Jesus never said anything about him to others. On the night that Jesus was betrayed Jesus never said that it was Judas by name nor in his prayer in John 17. We find that he was the same with the faults of the others as well. When the woman was caught in adultery Jesus would have written the sins that had been committed but not the names of those who committed them. To the woman he tells her not to sin again.

Does this mean that Jesus will not hold us accountable if we break a commandment? God gave us his commandments of how to worship him, live our lives, and the penalty if we break those commandments. Jesus said that he did not come to do away with those commandments but to fulfill them. A few thoughts need to be considered here. We are to be held accountable for our action and are to confess our sins. Not all sins should be made public, there is a right time and place for this confession. Note the sinner is the one that does the confessing not others. The writer of 1 John tells us that he wrote so that we would not sin, and Psalms 119 says that we hide God’s words in our hearts that we would not sin.

It seems that in our world today that we want to hold every one accountable for their action and never let them forget what they have done. We also want to let everyone else know what they have done as well. By allowing the spirit of Jesus to dwell in us we will learn to protect others by not revealing the wrongs they have done.

May God bless you as you imitate Christ.