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1 Corinthians 13: 7b

Love always trust, and Jesus loved at all times so does that mean he always trusted? It really depends on how you look at his life and what he would have put his trust in.

Jesus did not put his trust in the government. In Daniel 21 we are told that it is God who will put a king in power and also remove him from power. We will see throughout history that there were good rules as well as bad rulers and yet we are told to be subject to them by obeying the laws.

Jesus did not put his trust in people. Some people rejected him because he did not fit into their mold, some we indifferent to him, they would not go out of their way to be around him. Some just wanted what he could give them, if they did not receive their desires they left him. Others listened to his every word but left him because he asked to much of them.

These were the people that Jesus wanted to give his spirit to so that they would be able to trust in God always, but they refused that love.

Jesus always trusted in the father. Jesus would acknowledge the father wherever he went. He trusted him to keep him safe so no harm would come to him. He trusted in the word of God, and that God would hear when he called upon him. In short what ever need Jesus had he trusted God to fulfill it. Jesus gave this same love to his followers on the day of Pentecost and to all how believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we imitate Christ we will receive this same love for the father. We will always trust that God will fill us with his spirit. We trust that his word is true and will never fail. We will trust that he wants to prosper us spiritually for our good and not to harm us. We trust that he will always be there for us even in the worst of time, and that he will guild us all the days of our lives.

Even on our worst days we trust that God will not leave us even when we do not feel his presence.

Sometimes we wonder if we can really put our trust in him, we may have a situation in our lives that there seems to be no answer to how can God solve it? This is where our trust is truly tested, because he sees our past , present, and future and know what is best. As we go through our difficult days we will learn how God has helped us so we can help others going through those same situations.

By imitating Christ we will want to tell others how God has won our trust. What has God done for you? What has happened years ago is important but is he still doing something in your life today? Lets share it with other.

God bless you as you imitate Christ.