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1 Corinthians 13: 7d

In Mark 5 we have the story of a man being delivered form a large number of demons. When Jesus was asked to leave the country side this man asked to go with him. Jesus told him to return to is home town and tell them what had happened to him. The man return to his own people and spread the word of what God had done for him. As he was left behind, the love for Jesus enabled him to endure all he had to go through.

As we look at how love endures all things let us look first at what Strongs lexicon tells us about  “enduring”. The english understanding of this Greek word is: “is-under-remaining”.This is being defined as to stay behind, and persevere through misfortunes, trials and holding fast to our faith in Christ. It also means to bear bravely and calmly ill treatment.

From this understanding of love enduring all things we can see that Jesus was to some degree left behind on earth to endure all thing. In the ability to endure all things he is truly able to be an example for us to follow. From an early age Jesus knew what his life’s mission was to be and as he grew he was trained for that purpose. At the proper time he started his ministry. At first there was little resistance to him or his followers. As he grew in popularity and influence we find that some were rejecting him and calling for his death. The temptation that he would have faced may not have been exactly like ours but they were more intense. Just like us, he was tempted to have what ever he wanted when he wanted it, tempted to do what ever he wanted to do regardless of the out come, and he was tempted to have total power. In all of these temptations he did not sin.

There is one big difference between Jesus and everyone else. Jesus was born fully man and fully God. This gave him the ability to sin because of the sin nature of man and to resist sin because of the nature of God in him. Since we are not born with the nature of God, how then can we be like Christ? We are born with the sin nature in us, therefore we will sin. Romans 3 tells us that everyone has sinned. The solution comes from Revelation 20, it is when we open our hearts and allow Jesus to inter into our life. Our next step is to learn how to trust Jesus to lead our lives. We must be able to turn more of our life over to him and we must allow him to guide us in every situation. John the baptist said it this way; I must decrease and Jesus must increase. If we allow Christ to control our lives then we will be able to endure all things to the end.

May God bless you as you learn to imitate Christ.