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1 Corinthians 13: 8

Why would Paul tell us that prophecies will fail, tongues (languages) will cease and knowledge will vanish? To answer this question let us go back to the Old Testament and hear the words that God spoke to two of the prophets.

God told Zechariah that in the past he had tried to send prophets but the people refused to listen to them. The prophets pleaded with the people to listen to God’s words but they still refused. Because they refused to listen, God sent the people into foreign lands. Now when the people cried out to God he refused to listen to them for a time. Then God spoke to Zechariah with another message that he said they would not listen too.

Again God speaks to Jeremiah and tells him that the people will not listen to God. When Jeremiah tells the people this they will not listen, they will not come to hear him and the truth of God’s word will vanish from them. From the Old Testament we can see that prophecies were disregarded, people stopped listening to God and the knowledge of God was removed from them.

In Matthew 13 the disciples ask Jesus why he often spoke in parables. Jesus replies by quoting Isaiah; they have hardened their hearts, refused to hear God’s word and refused to see what God is doing (paraphrased). And yet Jesus tells the disciples that the secrets of heaven are for them, and all those that believe in him. Jesus tells the disciples that they will be persecuted and hated because the people hated him. But Jesus encourages them by saying that he will be with them to the end and they are to be his witnesses throughout the world. If they are faithful to the end of their lives they shall see him again in heaven.

By being filled with the Spirit of Christ and imitating Jesus the disciples were able to pass the word of God down to us. We in turn are to pass God’s word on to others. Yes it is true that people will not listen to prophesies, nor listen to us speak, and therefore the knowledge of God will be removed from them. So why do we continue to spread God’s word if no one will listen? Take a look at the first few words of verse 8: (God’s) love never stops loving! Both the Old and New Testaments are the recordings of God’s love toward us that we might be saved. John 3: 17 is often over looked by many but it tells us that God’s love is so strong toward us that Jesus was sent that none of us should perish but all might have eternal life. God’s love compels us to share his love with others even if they will not listen to our words.

God bless you as you imitate Christ.