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1 Corinthians 13: 9 – 10

Did Jesus know everything? He knew of things in heaven and on earth, the word of God and there meaning, what people were thinking, what was in man’s heart, and how the disciples would die. Can you think of anything he did not know?

To answer this question we will need to see who really is this person we call Jesus. Is he fully God or is he fully man? We will look at Jesus being fully man next week. But is Jesus fully God as we find in the scripture? In Genesis it tells us that God hovered over the face of the earth and then he spoke everything into existence (concerning the world we know). Here we find the reality of how Godly Jesus was. The creativity of what God did come from his mind, and we can now call this mind of God “the father”. When he hovered over the earth we find that he had no body but rather it was the spirit of God that moved over the earth. What ever the father spoke happened. It was the voice of God that created all things. In John 1: 1 it tells us that it was the voice of God that became man. These three are one and can not be separated at any time. The mind of God is moved wherever he goes by his spirit and when he speaks it is by his voice.

How does God make the transition to become fully human as well as fully God? In Deuteronomy 18 he tells us that he will raise up a prophet from the Jews and he will command him what to say. Jesus himself tells us that it is the father who tells him what to say. (Jn 12: 49) Back to our question, does Jesus know everything? When asked when heaven and earth will pass away Jesus tells us that he does not know the answer because the father has not revealed it to him.

If Jesus does not know everything and we are his followers and he lives in us then 1 Corinthians 13: 9 would make perfect sense. We know in part and we prophesy in part. John 3 tells us that there are some things we might not be able to understand so what we do know that we speak of. Looking at the ministry of Jesus we can see that Jesus did not start out teaching about the kingdom of heaven and his death but he started with what his followers could understand. As his time on earth was coming to a close he spent much more time with them explaining what was to come. It was not until the day of Pentecost that they fully knew what Jesus had been telling them and then it was the father speaking through the spirit that taught them.

For know we will be content with knowing in part and sharing that knowledge with others. We will also be looking forward to that time when Christ returns in all his glory and then we will know fully. Since we know in part let us continue to learn from God asking him for the knowledge that we need to know.

God Bless you as you imitate Christ.