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1 Corinthians 13: 9 – 10

Last time we looked at the divinity of Jesus and we saw that he was the voice of God. When he became man was there a difference in who he was?

It has been said that Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph because of who they were. They were no one spacial. Mary, a young woman not much more than a teen. Joseph was a common man and may have been much older than Mary. This would give Jesus the ability to identify with the common people. In a privileged family he would not have been able to go through the struggles of trying to make a living.

As a baby Jesus would need to be cared for. He would need his diapers changed, be fed, taught to talk, walk, play, and due home work. At the age of twelve, the age of accountability, he was taken to the temple to celebrate a feast. Those who were there found his questions and answers amazing. When he did go bask to Nazareth with his parent he continued to grow. Luke 2 continues to tell us that he grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man, and was obedient to his parents.

At the age of thirty, the age when young men would enter the priesthood, we find Jesus going into the wilderness to fast and pray. At the end of these forty days Satan came to tempt Jesus. These tree temptations were the same types that all of us will face in our lives and yet he overcame each one of them by using scripture. The first was the lust of the eyes. After forty days without food Jesus would have been hungry and all he wanted was to have something to eat but he resisted the temptation to turn the stones into food. In this temptation Jesus resisted the desire to have what ever he wanted. The second was the pride of life. This was the ability to live any way he wanted to expecting God to keep him healthy and from harm. The third temptation was that of power. Satan was willing to give Jesus all the power he wanted if he would worship him instead of God. We can resist any temptation because Jesus has overcome them. We will have the temptation to have whatever we want, live unhealthy lifestyles expecting to have good health or have a desire for power at any cost. It is worth noting that because Jesus worshiped the father, he never went hungry for long, had good health, and is given all power. (Matthew 4:1-11)

Because Jesus was able to live a sinless life, he was able to become the sacrificial lamb for our sins. A sacrificial lamb would have been one without a blemish or a spot on it, Therefore Jesus would not have had a broke bone nor a scar on him. Being perfect he was able to take the punishment for our sins to the cross that we might have the forgiveness for sins and to have life everlasting. (Exodus 12:3,6; Roman 3: 25)

Because of our human limitation we can not fully know who Jesus is nor have the fulness of God in us. So each of us are given different gifts that as we worship together people will get a better idea of who God is. As we grow in our faith and knowledge of Christ he reveals more of himself to us and we become more like him. For now we know him in part but at his return we will know him fully.

God bless you as you imitate Christ.

Due to the length of this post many points have been shortened. If you have used this post in any way please let me know how it was used and what the results were.