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John 8:12

Have you ever had to walk down a dark winding driveway in the country?You can not see the path to walk, you hear the animals moving in the woods, you wonder if you will be confronted by one of those animals. Walking down the path you feel for the dirt and not the grass, your hearing is more intense, your eyes get bigger looking for any light there is. You want to move faster but are afraid of running into something, which often happens.

Just as walking in the physical darkness can harm us so spiritual darkness can harm our spiritual life. Jesus came into the world at a time when many of God’s people were living in spiritual darkness.

Living in spiritual darkness can be from two different reasons. The first is that people did not have the word of God, the scripture referred to them as gentiles. The second was that the people had the word of God but did not follow it. This is the world that Jesus came into. The Jews had made many laws to help the people keep God’s law. In the course of time the laws and the traditions of their faith became more important than mercy. They had forgotten how to love God with their heart and others as themselves, therefore they were living in spiritual darkness. In scriptural terms we find that “light” refers to holiness which is and comes from God. Darkness is the life that is lived without God’s holiness, or living in sin.

Jesus was teaching in the temple when he said that He was the light of the world John 8:12 and he continues by saying that if we follow him we will not walk in darkness but we will walk in the light of life.

2 Corinthians 4: 6 tells us that God commanded that the knowledge of his glory be shined into our hearts. Another scripture tells us that how we live is by what is in our hearts. Luke 11: 34 tells us that when we have the light in our lives then there is no darkness, therefore with the spirit of God in our lives we will live without sin. (a topic for another time) This light will give us the laws of God in our hearts as well of a love of the father that our desire is not to break his laws. This is the first and greatest commandment.

The second commandment is that we love our neighbors as ourselves. We want to live in the light of God and therefore we want others to live in that light as well. Acts 13: 47 says that it is a command from God that we are to be the light to the gentiles so that we might bring salvation to the world. God has gifted each of us to shine our light in a darkened world and at the same time we work as a team to reach more people.

God bless you as you imitate Christ in your life.