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In John 10: 9 Jesus continues the “I Am” saying by telling his followers that he is the gate. Jesus is talking to a group of people that knew what it is to be a Shepard. They knew that if left alone the sheep would wonder off and get lost thus they needed to have a pin to keep them safe at night. Most pins will have only one gate to allow the sheep to enter and leave by. Often it is the Shepard that will lay at the entrance and become the gate to the pin. The Shepard has won the trust of the sheep so they lay down in safety. To inter this pin the sheep must be allowed In by the Shepard for he allows only his sheep to inter in.

Why does the Shepard have this effect on his sheep? It is because of what he has done for them. He shows them that he cares for them. He provides a pasture of green grass, calm waters to drink, a safe place to rest, a safe path to travel from pasture to pasture, and protection from harm. By laying at the entrance to the pin he will not run off like a hired servant would when danger came and he will protect them with his life.

Jesus was not talking about himself as the gate to the sheep pin but rather the door to enter into heaven. We must inter heaven through Jesus Christ our savior because there is no other way to enter in (Acts 4:12) . Because Jesus is the gate we are kept safe from the attacks of Satan. With each temptation that we face he will provide us with a way to avoid it (1 Corinthians 10:13 ). When we are attacked he will fight our battles for us and if we find ourselves in a conflict he will give us peace within our hearts. As we face our darkest hour he will provide a light to guild us through the darkness.

As we imitate Christ, we must remember that we are also his sheep and at the same time we are the ones that become Christ to others. As sheep we will need to learn from Christ how to live ever closer to him each day. As Christ to others we are to share the love of Christ with them calling them to enter into his fold. We are to teach the word of God to others and encourage them when they fall short of God’s ways. Just as sheep are different so the way we show Christ to others will also be different, but it will always be that we become personally involved with them. Some of those that you are trying to bring into the fold of Christ will resist your efforts just as many had resisted Christ. When our attempts fail we need to give the results to God and allow him to do the rest. I have found that there are some that will not accept us to talk to them about Christ but if we are just friends with them they will accept the message from someone else. More often it is the time we spend talking about the things of God and how it applies to life today that is needed. A great time of excitement does come when we are given to lead someone to Christ personally. What ever relation you have with someone allow God to take the lead in the conversation.

God bless you as you imitate Christ.