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I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. John 10:11 kjv

When I was a child we lived next to a sheep farm and they would sometimes ask us to bottle feed a new born lamb. I had the fun of raising one of those lambs. As the lamb grew it became rather attached to me and started to follow me where ever I went. One day I had left the front door open just a little too long and the lamb followed me into the house. My mother took one look at that lamb, got her broom (as if to sweep it out of the house) and yelled to get it outside. It was fun to have a lamb put her full trust in me, that it would follow me everywhere.

It is almost imposable to be the type of Shepherd that can care for their sheep all the time. Yet Jesus said in John 10: 11 that he was that good Shepherd. Jesus is again portraying himself as being God in the flesh by calling himself the good Shepard.

Psalms 23 has a great understanding of what the good Shepard does, lets go through this psalm. As with many parts of the bible there are two meaning that we can get from a passage. One is the physical meaning for those that need to have a picture of God’s teaching, and the other is a spiritual meaning that is the application to that teaching, this is what we will be looking at now. God will provide all the things that we need to maintain our spiritual life in him. Because we can not separate ourselves from the physical world we will find ourselves spiritually depleted so God will restore our souls. He will lead us in the path of righteousness. When we face temptations we do not need to fear because he will fight to protect us and if we fall he will pick us up again. He will also give us the spiritual food we need to fight the temptation that we face each day. If we fail in our spiritual walk he will anoint us with his healing oil and restore us again to his flock, so that we may dwell in his house for ever.

In Psalm 100 it tells us that it is God who has made us and that we are his people: sheep of his pastures. In Psalm 95 he tells us that if we hear his voice do not to reject it but to follow it. When Jesus was asked by the Jewish leaders if he was the Christ, he said that he had told them but they would not accept him. John 10

Have you accepted Christ as your Shepherd? If you have then he will guide you in all things, and live in you. Rev.3: 20. He will also give you your own flock of sheep. This flock may be your family, or friends, or those you come in contact with, Whoever they are lead them as God would have you lead them.

God bless you as you imitate Christ.