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John 14 starts with Jesus telling his disciples that he is about to go to the father and prepare rooms for them in God’s house and then return to take them there. This is a new concept for the disciples and they can not really understand what Jesus is talking about. This is why Jesus tells them that he is the way to the father, the divine truth, and the one who maintains their spiritual life (vs 6 paraphrased).

Today I would like to look at “the way and the truth” I have shared thoughts on the life in other posts.

Jesus has spent a great deal of time bringing the father to the people. He started by doing miracles of different types. He turned water into wine, healed people both close to home and at a distance, calmed a storm, and raised people from the dead. This is to signify that he has power over every aspect of the world, if it effects people he has the authority to alter the event.

The disciple could understand that God was able to come to them but they could not see the path that would lead them to the Father. Jesus tells them that he is the way to the father and that no one can come to the father except through him. How is Jesus the way to the father? First he is the leader to the path that goes to the father. He is the guide to those who are on the path, Isaiah 35: 8. He is the teacher to those who do not know the father, John 6: 68. Finally he is the example that we are to follow, 11 Peter 2: 21.

How do we know that we are on the right path? To often we follow leaders that lead us down the wrong path because the truth that they give us is colored by their faulty understanding, agenda, or bias. Jesus tells the disciples that he is the divine truth. Truth comes from the father and taught first thru speaking to the people before the law was given then thru the law, then through Jesus, and later through the Holy Spirit. Not only does this truth come from the father but it is also free from affection, pretense, and simulation. The truth that Jesus gives us is not only spoken to us but it is also revealed in ideas, reality and sincerity.
Paul tells us to imitate him as he imitates Christ. He realizes that he is not always perfect when compared to Jesus. Timothy echos this understanding when he tells us to study so we will not be ashamed of the way we understand the word of God. (2 Tim 2: 15) Scripture also teaches that we need to grow in our knowledge and faith of God. As you imitate Jesus may you allow him to fill you with his Spirit. As Jesus becomes stronger in you, you will see God do amazing things.