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Matthew 4, 1-11

Do we know the difference between proving something is correct and testing to prove it is true? In math we take a formula that we know is true and we use different equations to prove why and how it is true. In science we take an idea and use different methods to test it to prove it true or false. In other words in proving something is true we start with something that has been tested and in a test there is doubt it is true and we test it’s validity.

The only place in scripture that God tells his people to prove him is found in Malachi 3: 10. This is when God tells them to prove he will bless them if they bring all of their tithes into the Church.

Satan takes what God says and interjects some doubt as to his validity. This doubt causes us to have to prove God’s word true. To do this we will have to break his word and see what God will do. In this temptation Satan wants Jesus to doubt God will protect him from harm. Jesus knew that to be the sacrifice for our sins there could not be any blemishes on him, including broken bones. Jesus also knew that God was protecting him from all harm. The answer that Jesus gives Satan comes from Duet. 6: 16, do not tempt God.

We have seen Satan use these same tactics many time before in scripture. Any time the children of God were tempted to go against what God said to do it was because of the doubt that Satan had given them. We have the same temptation today. Does God want us to live without sin? The answer to this is yes. Is this going to be easy? No! With every temptation, God has provided a way to avoid acting on that temptation. The first step that Jesus used was that he knew the scripture. Although I believe that it is very important that we memorize the scripture, it may be more important that we are able to communicate the idea rather than the correct words. The second thing is to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Often God’s spirit will warn us that we are about to do or say something that is not in God’s will. As we grow in our faith, we will hear these warnings better. We will also learn how to avoid many of the temptation we face on a daily basses.


God bless you as you Imitate Christ.