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John 1: 29: 40

I was reading the book of John the other day and there seemed to be some odd verses. One was that John’s disciple asked Jesus where he was staying but did not continue following him. It is the question that John’s disciples raise that intrigues me the most, “where are you staying?” Although they were talking about the physical place it is the spiritual place that is of the most importance.

As we move to a more spiritual aspect of this question let us first look at the ministry of John. He was baptizing people for the remission of sins. The people that were listening to him fell into three groups. The first group of people were those who would not accept his message. The second were those who were in the process of accepting the message of forgiveness. Finally there were those who were baptized for the forgiveness of their sins.

With the ministry of Jesus we see this same types of people around him. Those that rejected him, those who followed him to learn more about living a better life and those who were baptized into the purification of sin. (baptized with fire.) There is also a more spiritual aspect to the ministry of Jesus as well. The ministry of Jesus is focused on leading people to full surrender to God’s will. John 1: 12 says to those who received Jesus were given the power to become the sons of God.

The first group of people are those who do not know God. Of this group there are those who will reject Jesus, and those who will come to know Christ. These are the ones that have Jesus staying outside of their lives.

The second group are those who have accepted Jesus and asked for their sins to be forgive. These people have Jesus staying in their live. This group is also divided. Part of this group will at some point reject Jesus, moving Jesus out of their lives once more. The others will come closer to Christ and desire the baptism with fire. This baptism will remove the desire to sin form them. A look at the parable of the sower may help at this point.

The third group are those that have been baptized by Jesus. It was not until the book of acts that we see the disciples of Jesus receiving this baptism. Even after this baptism they needed to continue to grow spiritually.

It is my desire that we continue to draw closer to Christ to live a more perfect life.

May God Bless you as you imitate Christ.