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John 1: 43 – 51

Do you have a place that you go and meet with God? While you are there does it sometime feel as if God does not meet with you? Other time you may feel that God is right there in person with you. I am sure that most, if not all, of us have had days like these. After you have left your privet place with God, has God made himself known to you? This is what happened to Nathanael.

Phillip had just started to follow Jesus and wanted to have his brother join him. Phillip knew where Nathanael was having his devotions and whent to et him. Nathanael was persuaded to meet Jesus although he had his doubts that this could be the one they had been looking for.

It was the conversation that he had with Jesus that convinced him. When Jesus said that he had seen him under the fig tree Nathanael knew it was not by sight that he saw him. First the fig tree was where he had spent time alone with God. No one else would be there at the time he was and he had not seen Jesus in the area before. Second it was the way Jesus spoke that said it was while he was meeting with God in his privet time that he saw him. Nathanael knew that God had now come to them in the person of Jesus.

There is a song that goes something like this, Let me see the world through you eyes dear Jesus. It was those eyes that Jesus had seen Nathanael. Jesus sees the event around the world, and yet he sees us as we have our quiet time with God. Through our quiet times Jesus looks beyond the outer and into the heart of his people. This allows him to reveal himself to us when we need him and in the way we need his presence.

Can we have an encounter like this today? The encounters that we have today will not be with Jesus bodily but will be the realization that God is with us. Each one of us will encounter God in different ways and at different times. For Nathanael, he was a follower of God when he had his meeting with Jesus. Later he was filled with the Holy Spirit and he would continue to have other encounters with God. Some of my encounters have been when I have been praying, others have been when talking with others, and some are in those quiet times when nothing is going on.

I pray that you will have many encounters with God during your lifetime. As you have these encounters you will be better able to imitate Christ.