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John 3: 8

In his book The Cross and the Switchblade, David Wilkerson tells how he was led by the spirit to meet with seven defendants. He was never given the chance to meet them, but he was able to lead Nickie Cruse to Christ. I was being transferred to a navy ship to start sea duty but when the orders came in they were to a patrol squadron instead. It was at this duty station I met and later married my wife over thirty years ago. I can write a book on how God has led me all through my life. Many times that the Holy Spirit led me was in a way that I would never have guest. Stories like these can be repeated many times over, you may have your own story.

Jesus tells us how this happens in John 3: 18. The wind blows and we see where it is going but not where it came from. The weather forecasters can try to explain where the wind came from but even their attempts are not right. They can only tell us the path it has taken. The Holy Spirit acts much the same way. We see the results of his moving. We can also see where the Spirit is going but not where it came from.

Consider the day the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit. The people heard and saw the wind but did not know where it came from. We can trace the movement of the Spirit through the book of Acts. The followers of Christ were scattered throughout the world and did not know where he would lead them.

By now you may be asking what does this have to do with imitating Christ? I’m glad you asked. As Jesus started his ministry many wondered where he came from but no one knew. Jesus started at the beginning, when the bible said there was God. God thought about what was to happen, he moved by the spirit, and then he spoke all things into being. God’s voice then became a man. As a man he to was moved by the spirit of God. No one fully knew who Jesus was when he walked among us. It is his spirit that lives with us now, and all we can see is how he moves among us.

As we imitate Christ we too are led by his spirit. We are led to come closer to him, to do his will, go where he wants us to go. Our lives are given over to him that we might live with him in heaven.. As we live by his spirit we will draw others to Christ. Some of us will plant the seed, some will water it and some will reap the harvest. Never forget that it is God who gives the increase.

God bless you as you imitate him.